Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday April 28...Day One

Well today was my first day at training, WOW even though it was a short run (only 4K) it has been a long time (about 6 weeks) since I ran last so it felt awesome to be out and about! There were lots of people there, as John Stanton stopped by to give a great speech encouraging us on our path the running and health. Although he looked older than I initially thought he was he was a great person. I only have a few minutes with him as he graciously signed my copy of the "Running Room's guide to Running" (which was awesome, I think this was the first time I had a book signed) His speech was great and he gave us some great relaxation/visualization techniques that we can use when we are overwhelmed and anxious about an Event.

My beginning of the training day didn't start off too well as the bus I was on changed route since the last time I was on it (which was about 3 - 4 weeks ago) so I was able to jump off the buss but had to walk 10 blocks which half way there I got a bit anxious as I wasn't sure I was travelling in the right direction...well I did make it (and on time :) ) with the help of a nice man walking his dog. During this whole time I have been drinking water as I don't want to be dehydrated for when we run.

Well I got the RR and there are lots of people so I find a seat and sit...since I have been walking for 10 blocks! Upon sitting there I realized that I new the girl next to me so I ever so out of character reached over and asked if she was taking some NAIT courses as I think she was in one of my classes, and she was. She is running the full marathon but the classes are together so I should see her often and hope to cheer her on!

So through the great speech I was sipping my water thinking that hmmmm I sure hope that they will give us a few minutes to dispose of the water I have been drinking :) but unfortunately pretty much after the speech we all piled outside and then begun....Running when you have to pee isn't the greatest feeling...good thing it was a short run!

The run itself was great, I seemed to fall into pace with a fellow runner. which is always nice when you find someone at your pace as when it gets challenging you can gauge how your partner is doing and it seems to give you that extra push. and the conversation is nice too...it was funny as after the run we hung around the RR like a couple of geeks waiting to get our books signed HAHA but it was nice chatting it up...as it seems like forever since I have talked to anyone other than Mike!

I want to comment on my eating decision as I think it will be helpful later when I look back...

I took my instructors advice and had some cheese curds and a yogurt at around 4 30 that seemed pretty good to me although I wasn't really hungry I wanted to eat something before the run as I wouldn't be eating dinner until after. Then when I got home I have an awesome salad with chicken (I am trying to stay away from carbs after 6pm)

All in All a great day :)

***Although I missed Sarah as unlike me she decided to study for her exam tomorrow and I have opted to sleep on my text and try osmosis***

***Thanks Sandra for the breif yet awesome chat closer to the end of the day, I seriously find you one of the most amazing women in my life and even though we do not chat often I do think about you and your stregnth, which in turn fills me with the passion to set and fullfill my goals! Thanks does not seem enough...

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