Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday May 2

Sunday Morning.....up at 7ish, Ugh need more sleep but looking forward to the run today. I have just enough time to get up and shower and be on my way, I will have to remember to get up earlier next week as I will need time to eat something the runs get longer :) but today I completed my first 7 K, It was awesome and really not only 7 K but also some impressive hills too! It was a nice steady paced run and I would say the last 30 mins I pretty much ran the whole way (no stopping for the minute break) not sure how ofter I will do that but I wanted to run up the hill and then I really just didnt stop :) Todays run gave me so much energy it was the best Sunday in quite a while :)

A special thanks to Sarah for keeping great company and for Les for actually making a scond round trip....Thanks just crazy!! but hes going for the gull marathon which is amazing!

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  1. GO, JENNY! You should be so proud of yourself!