Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 14

Well...11K...its kind of funny and weird that when I see runners I think to myself that they seem to be going so smoothly..almost gliding along, then I came to the realization that maybe people think this way about me when they see me run...

I must say it is not as easy as it looks! I ran the farthest I have ever run today and I felt the struggle! it was hard to keep up the pace and on more than one occasion I wanted to slow and even walk...but I pushed through, and kept up with everyone. I am starting think that this realization is what it is all about, pushing your self and achieving your goals and never giving up on yourself...

I find too often that people (me included) give up too fast on themselves, we are all so fast at making excuses as to why we shouldnt do things that are out of the comfy zone that we miss out on the greatness that lives in the moment that your fear is over come and you have no choice but to be proud of yourself....

This is the year I start to sway from comfy and do some things that for so long I have missed out on but now I am ready and will achieve all that I can!

side note...cute asian guy gave me some great advice today! have an awesome chat with him, funny how little events/comments can restore your focus on your goals!

oo in case I forget the advice was to keep my arms by my side when I am running down hill, and to not schedule a training session fir the saturday before the event and I will have lots more energy to expend for the 21K :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Wednesday....Week Five. Anyone who has been in the RR training for the half knows what the 5th week in training for the half means....Hills! At first I was dreading them as I have never done them before! But as usual I faced them with my usual optimizm...I cant believe how much that works! I have been on a positive high for months now and it has really gotten me through some tough times. I have found a few tricks already that get me through the hard times while out there running...Smiling goes a long way! I think that if I am smile right at the moment some else is looking at me having a harder time it will ease thier mind and get them through the rough patch...Also its really hard to have a hard time yourself when your smiling so it works great! I also try to take small moment to enjoy my suroundings like today, on my way down Emily Murphy Hill I was really enjoying the view it was an awesome sight! I am finding it really important to stay positive and sych myself up to the awesomeness to the run! I am looking forward to Tempos tomorrow and the long run on Sunday!

I am finding that all the commitment is paying off...the 5 days a week at first seemed really undoable! but WOW I would definitly recommend doing all the training I have encreased my pace and time already! I can almost comfotably run with my heart rate at 160 bpm...which is awesome! I am really surprised at how far I have come along! with this progress I might even break my goal pace before I even set it! HA!

OOO I almost forgot! when I got home tonight bfore dinner I did the Pilates 20 min workout! it was great although I did have an audiance...Thanks sweetie for the encouagement! but I felt great so I will incorporating this into my workouts!

I also want to mention...for those who read that also run with me :) WOW where the guy with the hot body and great calves and the nicely bronzed skin come from! I sure hope he comes back as WOW he was the reason I made up the second hill!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday May 24

Well I know its been a bit since I jotted anything down, and I appologize! The running has ben wonderful and I am noticibly getting better which is awesome! Today I ran the longest I have ever run, and I ran the fastest, I averaged a 8.03/KM which is pretty impressive so I just may get that half done in less than hours as I first expected :) Although I am still focusing on completing and giving more thought into heart rate than pace speed.

For the past few weeks I have been stressing over my eating habits, I have talked to a few people and I am starting to be a bit more relaxed and just choosing healthy choices and trying to get my fill of starches during the day instead of at night, which is hard if your a snacker as most of the snacks are starches and I would want them at night, but I have ben finding that I have been choosing fruit and veggies for a change :)

It seems kind of funny but most of the people in my "To Complete" group have either bailed or have not been showing up for the group runs and are running on their own, there is good and bad with this, the good is that I can zone out and run, not feeling obligated to chat. There have been a few times where I was the only "complete" runner in the group so I was running on my own anyway although the group lead would periodically run back to make sure I was Ok. Its kind of good and bad as with a group like today I ran the fastest because I was keeping pace with them for the first stretch of the run, but once I listened to my body I started to fall back a bit (which is fine with my as I am there for no one but myself) I started to keep note of my HR instead of which stretch of the 10.1 I was on. I considered it a success to continually have my rate between 160 and 170 considering my max is around 188!

I have noticed that my knees have been sore...which is no surprise considering the amount of exercise I have been doing, I hope that the soreness goes away though as I can really see this becoming a way of life for me as I am already looking into some future ideas and events!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday May 2

Sunday Morning.....up at 7ish, Ugh need more sleep but looking forward to the run today. I have just enough time to get up and shower and be on my way, I will have to remember to get up earlier next week as I will need time to eat something the runs get longer :) but today I completed my first 7 K, It was awesome and really not only 7 K but also some impressive hills too! It was a nice steady paced run and I would say the last 30 mins I pretty much ran the whole way (no stopping for the minute break) not sure how ofter I will do that but I wanted to run up the hill and then I really just didnt stop :) Todays run gave me so much energy it was the best Sunday in quite a while :)

A special thanks to Sarah for keeping great company and for Les for actually making a scond round trip....Thanks just crazy!! but hes going for the gull marathon which is amazing!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday April 28...Day One

Well today was my first day at training, WOW even though it was a short run (only 4K) it has been a long time (about 6 weeks) since I ran last so it felt awesome to be out and about! There were lots of people there, as John Stanton stopped by to give a great speech encouraging us on our path the running and health. Although he looked older than I initially thought he was he was a great person. I only have a few minutes with him as he graciously signed my copy of the "Running Room's guide to Running" (which was awesome, I think this was the first time I had a book signed) His speech was great and he gave us some great relaxation/visualization techniques that we can use when we are overwhelmed and anxious about an Event.

My beginning of the training day didn't start off too well as the bus I was on changed route since the last time I was on it (which was about 3 - 4 weeks ago) so I was able to jump off the buss but had to walk 10 blocks which half way there I got a bit anxious as I wasn't sure I was travelling in the right direction...well I did make it (and on time :) ) with the help of a nice man walking his dog. During this whole time I have been drinking water as I don't want to be dehydrated for when we run.

Well I got the RR and there are lots of people so I find a seat and sit...since I have been walking for 10 blocks! Upon sitting there I realized that I new the girl next to me so I ever so out of character reached over and asked if she was taking some NAIT courses as I think she was in one of my classes, and she was. She is running the full marathon but the classes are together so I should see her often and hope to cheer her on!

So through the great speech I was sipping my water thinking that hmmmm I sure hope that they will give us a few minutes to dispose of the water I have been drinking :) but unfortunately pretty much after the speech we all piled outside and then begun....Running when you have to pee isn't the greatest feeling...good thing it was a short run!

The run itself was great, I seemed to fall into pace with a fellow runner. which is always nice when you find someone at your pace as when it gets challenging you can gauge how your partner is doing and it seems to give you that extra push. and the conversation is nice was funny as after the run we hung around the RR like a couple of geeks waiting to get our books signed HAHA but it was nice chatting it it seems like forever since I have talked to anyone other than Mike!

I want to comment on my eating decision as I think it will be helpful later when I look back...

I took my instructors advice and had some cheese curds and a yogurt at around 4 30 that seemed pretty good to me although I wasn't really hungry I wanted to eat something before the run as I wouldn't be eating dinner until after. Then when I got home I have an awesome salad with chicken (I am trying to stay away from carbs after 6pm)

All in All a great day :)

***Although I missed Sarah as unlike me she decided to study for her exam tomorrow and I have opted to sleep on my text and try osmosis***

***Thanks Sandra for the breif yet awesome chat closer to the end of the day, I seriously find you one of the most amazing women in my life and even though we do not chat often I do think about you and your stregnth, which in turn fills me with the passion to set and fullfill my goals! Thanks does not seem enough...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Beginning

Well...Its less than a week until I start the clinic. I am excited and apprihensive. Although I will miss the Wednesday practice run due to a final exam, I will be back at it on Sunday. I will also post some picks throughout the clinic.