Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday May 24

Well I know its been a bit since I jotted anything down, and I appologize! The running has ben wonderful and I am noticibly getting better which is awesome! Today I ran the longest I have ever run, and I ran the fastest, I averaged a 8.03/KM which is pretty impressive so I just may get that half done in less than hours as I first expected :) Although I am still focusing on completing and giving more thought into heart rate than pace speed.

For the past few weeks I have been stressing over my eating habits, I have talked to a few people and I am starting to be a bit more relaxed and just choosing healthy choices and trying to get my fill of starches during the day instead of at night, which is hard if your a snacker as most of the snacks are starches and I would want them at night, but I have ben finding that I have been choosing fruit and veggies for a change :)

It seems kind of funny but most of the people in my "To Complete" group have either bailed or have not been showing up for the group runs and are running on their own, there is good and bad with this, the good is that I can zone out and run, not feeling obligated to chat. There have been a few times where I was the only "complete" runner in the group so I was running on my own anyway although the group lead would periodically run back to make sure I was Ok. Its kind of good and bad as with a group like today I ran the fastest because I was keeping pace with them for the first stretch of the run, but once I listened to my body I started to fall back a bit (which is fine with my as I am there for no one but myself) I started to keep note of my HR instead of which stretch of the 10.1 I was on. I considered it a success to continually have my rate between 160 and 170 considering my max is around 188!

I have noticed that my knees have been sore...which is no surprise considering the amount of exercise I have been doing, I hope that the soreness goes away though as I can really see this becoming a way of life for me as I am already looking into some future ideas and events!

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