Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Wednesday....Week Five. Anyone who has been in the RR training for the half knows what the 5th week in training for the half means....Hills! At first I was dreading them as I have never done them before! But as usual I faced them with my usual optimizm...I cant believe how much that works! I have been on a positive high for months now and it has really gotten me through some tough times. I have found a few tricks already that get me through the hard times while out there running...Smiling goes a long way! I think that if I am smile right at the moment some else is looking at me having a harder time it will ease thier mind and get them through the rough patch...Also its really hard to have a hard time yourself when your smiling so it works great! I also try to take small moment to enjoy my suroundings like today, on my way down Emily Murphy Hill I was really enjoying the view it was an awesome sight! I am finding it really important to stay positive and sych myself up to the awesomeness to the run! I am looking forward to Tempos tomorrow and the long run on Sunday!

I am finding that all the commitment is paying off...the 5 days a week at first seemed really undoable! but WOW I would definitly recommend doing all the training I have encreased my pace and time already! I can almost comfotably run with my heart rate at 160 bpm...which is awesome! I am really surprised at how far I have come along! with this progress I might even break my goal pace before I even set it! HA!

OOO I almost forgot! when I got home tonight bfore dinner I did the Pilates 20 min workout! it was great although I did have an audiance...Thanks sweetie for the encouagement! but I felt great so I will incorporating this into my workouts!

I also want to mention...for those who read that also run with me :) WOW where the guy with the hot body and great calves and the nicely bronzed skin come from! I sure hope he comes back as WOW he was the reason I made up the second hill!

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  1. Jenn,
    you are amazing. I am so impressed with your attitude and spirit. I am energized just reading this. I'm running with you and off to the gym again.